Story of a Girl – A short story

Story of A Girl..

Story of a girl starts here. She was born as a bundle of joy to a couple in a middle class family. After couple of year,her father business took a great hike.She is considered as a symbol of luck .she is pampered and provided with all the stuffs she need. She considered her father as a true hero of her life. She is good at her studies and extra curricular activities and made her parents proud of her. One day she got a gift from her father, that’s a latest smart phone. That gift changes her daily routines. Most of the time she used to be with her phone starting to forgetting the real world around and fall into the the imaginary world. she fell into the hands of social media and dating sites.

The Mistaken Hero

She found an charming hero for her story. She admired him in his pictures. His words, a black magic in her mind. She got pulled towards him every seconds. Finally,That one fine day came. she decided to take a coffee with him. They went to the most beautiful cafe parlour. They seated on a romantic table parallel to each other. She noticed his Attractive eyes were more powerful than the pictures. His magnetic smile is having more depth than the ocean in her heart. He took her hand and offered a bunch of red roses above which those little shiny droplets sitting still smiling at her. She was moved again into her black magic world. His respect for her and his beautiful acts made her fall again into him and made her think that he is her man.

Mysterious time

They went to the nearby park. The words got traded between each other. Her eyes shines with hapiness that she never experienced before. Time past with no warning, he dropped her in her home safely. This happened the next day but this time he had some plans for her. He proposed her in a way no man would have proposed. With only happy memories bombarding inside her head, She accepts it with a beautiful smile on her face. That whole night she kept herself awake dreaming about their fortune time together ,Both grown old with lot and lots of love. Their Chat goes on and on, day and night without end. She lost her concentration on studies and extra activities. scored poor grade. Actually she stopped caring about everything but him. Her world is filled with him now. She dwells in his thoughts.

Being Blinded

Past the couple months, he invited her to have a look at the home and to meet his parents, where and with whom they will be living together after their marriage. Excited her impressed and readily accepted the same being blinded by her love. That day started with a beach side bike ride and reached sea view building .From the third floor glass room she could see the setting sun, Lovely breeze is shaking her ear hanging and chilling her spine. Heavenly fragrance got filled that room from room freshener or fresh roses kept beside bed .


He hold her tight and said he loves her. After looking into his magical eyes she secured him. They had the time together and met his parents. This time he booked a car and took her to the car.He again heaved that magical smile and said he had a nice time and handed over the money into her hand.

wretched journey

The car started its journey.Her mind also ..she was rewinding the things happened there and smiling all the way. She texted him that she reached safely and she was eager to share him all the stuffs.No response she could get ,but he is online.she is shocked and tried to call him.The call is disconnecting.She was crying all night.With an exception of a sorry message she peeped into her phone screen,For her surprise his profile itself not available now.He blocked her.Over the innocence of her age ,She fell in the hands of monster not a prince . Her destiny is too cruel that she got pregnant .He got vanished from her dream world.Now the real world is starring at her like an hungry wolf waiting to tear her into pieces. Her mother ,father and their reputation every thing comes into her mind.


The Unended End

She cant share this to anyone. She closed her mouth with her own hands and crying aloud.her eyes turned red. Clock struck 4 am. She visited her parents room ,touched the family photo in which they were smiling together. went back to her room .. she has only two options .either to face the consequences of her mistake or to die. Uttered her final word.. Sorry dad .. Sorry mom.. Love u.. Story of  a girl had some unwritten pages.

Story of a Girl Moral.

Love should not be blind. Educate your baby girl about the reality of the world. Trust her but never let her fall down. while baby is learning to walk we are giving her the freedom to walk. But we must make sure that she is walking in a safe zone. story of a girl failed to show that every problem have a positive solution but we must keep looking for it before touching the negative. Please make sure story of this Girl ends a story.. Happy parenting.



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Author: Thanu



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