Top 20 Unknown facts about Formula 1 cars (f1)

facts about Formula 1 (f1) car

Formula 1 otherwise called as F1 car is an automobile that is designed solely for speed races on circuits or closed courses which has a single cockpit and design based on the set of rules regulated to design the car.
Formula 1

Facts about formula 1 cars

These facts about formula 1 cars are until 2017

    1. A Formula 1 engine is so carefully tuned that it can’t be turned over when it is cold. As cylinder bore diameter is limited to 80mm (+/- 0.1mm), Warm oil and water are pumped through them first to allow the metals to expand.
    2. An average household car revs up to 6,000 rpm (revolutions per minute), an F1 engine usually revs up to 18,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm, but it is limited to 15,000 revolutions per minute.
    3. F1 car can accelerate from 0 to 100mph and hit back to zero within 4 seconds.
    4. The average basic cost for an F1 car is 6.8M USD  (without additional components and research)
    5. Each Formula 1 cars is made up of at least 80,000 carefully assembled components.
    6. These approx. 8000 needs to be assembled with 100 percent accuracy .i.e if the car is assembled with 99.9% it is said that nearly 80 components will be misplaced when it hit the track.
    7. The F1 pit crew can refuel and change tires simultaneously in less than 3.3 seconds.
    8. F1 car engine completes its life in about 5 races, closer to 9-10 hours.
    9. When the car manufacturer fits an engine which it does not manufacture, the car shall be considered a hybrid and the name of the engine manufacturer shall be associated with that of the car manufacturer. The name of the car manufacturer must always precede that of the engine manufacturer.
    10. The ground effect in an f1 car which came to f1 was actually an accident.
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    1. The weight of the car, without fuel, must not be less than 728kg at all times during the Event.
    2. The f1 car is limited to have 8 numbers of forward gear ratios.
    3. Automatic gear changes are considered a driver aid and are therefore not permitted.
    4. The paddle shift semi-automatic gearchange system was first initiated in 1989 Ferrari 640.
    5. The size of the brake discs has a maximum of 32mm thickness and a maximum of 278mm outside diameter.
    6. F1 car’s deceleration is compared to road cars driving through a brick wall at a speed of 185 mph.
    7. while braking can reach up-to 1000°C to 1200 ºC.


suspension and wheels

  1. Formula 1 car uses sprung suspension in the front which can easily cope up with up-to 2 tonnes of pressure.
  2. AZ70 or AZ80 magnesium alloys are the two alloys which must be used to manufacture Wheels.
  3. Formula 1 car tyres may only use air or nitrogen to inflate it.

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